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Screenshot of a menu under GNOME: ROUND 2

A few days ago, I had written a post about the difficulties I had encountered in an attempt to capture an image of a menu under GNOME. A reader, “mysurface“, who, by the way, has written an article about taking screenshots, was 100% positive that, after issuing ImageMagick’s import command, it is still possible to switch between running applications with Alt-Tab and trigger menus with Alt, before using the mouse cursor to select the area that will be captured.
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Server upgraded to Fedora 6

A long time has passed since Fedora 6 was released, many of the initial bugs have been fixed, so I decided to perform an upgrade of the installation on the server that powers this web site. Everything has gone well, despite the fact that a few strange things happened during the upgrade.

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As it is known, beagle does not work out-of-the-box in FC6 due to a small bug, which causes the beagle daemon to hang just a few seconds after it is started. So, no desktop-searching is possible at this time, at least until this problem gets fixed. Fortunately, a patched build (0.2.10-7.fc6) has been pushed in…

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TrueCrypt on 2.6.18 kernels

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It seems that there is a problem compiling the Linux version of Truecrypt v4.2a on the 2.6.18 series of kernels. A patch has been posted in the Truecrypt forums (you need to be logged-in to read), but, although this patch resolves the compilation error, there have been reports that the program has problems unmounting the…

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Fedora Core 6

The 6th version of Fedora Core was released a week ago. The huge demand had caused the fedora servers and mirrors to “melt” in the first days of the release. The Fedora Project pages, even the latest release notes, were unavailable, while all requests were redirected to a very plain front page which explained the…

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Logwatch and Dovecot 1.x series in FC5

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Logwatch is the preferred tool in order to get summaries of the various service logs in Fedora Core 5. It needs very little customization, which mainly summarizes in overriding some of the log file locations. The only issue I have encountered so far is that it cannot parse the Dovecot log entries correctly.