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TrueCrypt on 2.6.18 kernels

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It seems that there is a problem compiling the Linux version of Truecrypt v4.2a on the 2.6.18 series of kernels. A patch has been posted in the Truecrypt forums (you need to be logged-in to read), but, although this patch resolves the compilation error, there have been reports that the program has problems unmounting the…

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SPEC File Directory

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I started packaging linux software for my Fedora machines from the time I was using Fedora Rawhide (development version) as my primary system. There is no repository that is synced with Rawhide, so there was a huge amount of software I had to compile (mostly multimedia related). This is a very time-consuming task, so I…

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How to configure and use LIRC

LIRC is basically a small server which can decode or transmit infra-red signals. This is a tutorial about how to set up the LIRC server and how to use it in order to control your system or specific LIRC-enabled applications with a remote control. Examples of simple or more complicated setups are also provided.