Upgraded to WordPress 2

I am proud to announce that this web site is based on the latest stable version of WordPress. Go grab it from the official download page, while it’s still hot! The administration panel has been revised and, as the developers say, it contains many modifications in the code structure so that plugin writers or code…

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Awesome tutorials

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I had made a post in the past about an awesome sed tutorial by Bruce Barnett. This is not his only tutorial though. His web site contains high quality information about awk, bash, regex, csh etc. I highly recommend it.

Get my kernel headers script


This BASH script automates the procedure of getting the Fedora kernel headers, that was discussed in my previous post about preparing the complete kernel headers. It’s at a very early stage, does not include many checks, but does the job well, if configured properly. The configuration options are inside the script and they are mainly…

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The Complete Fedora Kernel Headers


The official fedora kernel-devel package does not include the complete kernel headers. This should not be a problem in most cases when compiling third party modules, but there are times that one or more of these missing headers are absolutely needed. This document outlines a method to obtain the complete kernel headers for your currently…

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Local YUM Repository


Sometimes, especially when you create your own RPMs, it is extremely useful to keep them in a local YUM repository. The advantage of this is that, when you install a package, YUM automatically resolves any dependencies, not only by downloading the necessary packages from the other repositories you might have in you list, but also…

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A quick AWstats guide

This guide will help you install and configure AWStats, schedule the parsing of the Apache access log files and use the statistical data to generate web traffic reports. All steps are explained in great detail.