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WordPress Performance

Some months ago, I had a talk on IRC with someone who had created a useful plugin for WordPress, which shows performance related information. The plugin is called Performance Probe. Its output is saved in text files. I had written a quick python script, for demonstration purposes only, that uses performance probe’s output and RRDTool…

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MediaWiki Upgrade Procedure

I use MediaWiki as a personal note-taking, documentation and code snippet storage system. This was started as an experiment, but a wiki proved to be a decent solution for the above tasks. This is a small checklist, mainly for my own reference, to follow when upgrading MediaWiki.

About The WordPress Plugins

I write this post as a reply to all those who have emailed me the last 2-3 months about the WordPress plugins that are available on this web site. I really appreciate your feedback. Many of your suggestions have been great, but there seem to be some problems, which I outline below: