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About George Notaras

George Notaras is the editor of the G-Loaded Journal, a technical blog about Free and Open-Source Software. George, among other things, is an enthusiast self-taught GNU/Linux system administrator. He has created this web site to share the IT knowledge and experience he has gained over the years with other people. George primarily uses CentOS and Fedora. He has also developed some open-source software projects in his spare time.

PHP Interactive Interpreter

The PHP interpreter supports running it in interactive mode by using the –interactive (short equivalent: -a) command-line switch. Running an interactive PHP shell can be useful when you need to quickly try code snippets. But, for this mode to be fully functional, PHP has to be compiled with readline support. Unfortunately, on CentOS PHP has…

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From Subversion to Mercurial

I’ve been using the Subversion version control system during the last 2-3 years. Although a VCS has never been a top priority for me, it seems there is always room for version control. I ended up using it for almost everything, from simple to more complex scripts and even system configuration files in some cases.…

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Script for Apache Error Report

The last incident with the php-cgi errors as a result of a bad PHP script made me re-evaluate the daily reports I receive from the server. I realized that a report about the httpd errors that have occured during the previous day, including all virtualhosts, is more important than I had initially thought. Such a…

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