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George Notaras is the editor of the G-Loaded Journal, a technical blog about Free and Open-Source Software. George, among other things, is an enthusiast self-taught GNU/Linux system administrator. He has created this web site to share the IT knowledge and experience he has gained over the years with other people. George primarily uses CentOS and Fedora. He has also developed some open-source software projects in his spare time.



Yesterday I was messing around with UDEV. I own some usb storage devices which are not plugged into my main computer all the time, but only when I need them. In a such situation, the order you plug in the devices has an effect on the way their nodes are created in /dev. For example,…

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Have you ever heard of GARNOME? It’s an easy way to install the latest stable or CVS GNOME release without affecting the operating system. For example, a user can download GARNOME and build the whole GNOME desktop with some extra applications.


Gnome-blog-poster works, but there seems to be a bug (or a feature ;-)?): If I select “Self-Run WordPress” as a Blog-Type it always appends “wordpress/xmlrpc.php” at the end of the XML-RPC URL resulting in an error message about the URL being wrong.

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So, this is how it’s gonna be…My FC4 related web site is still under construction due to lack of free time. I have all my notes ready, but the guides need more work. So, I decided to start a blog about Fedora Core. I ‘ve chosen WordPress as my blogging system and I feel that…

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