Switched to Linode

Having hosted my web sites on DSL or ISDN/PSTN lines for the past 7-8 years, I finally decided to move them to a server on a faster and more reliable network. Having the servers at home was fun. Having total control is fun. I liked it a lot, but the quality of the network was the determinant factor for moving them to a hosting company. Linode was the first I signed up with about 2 weeks ago and, so far, I am satisfied. At home I had as many system resources as required, but now things are different. I am gradually moving services there, while monitoring the VPS using collectd and my home-built graphing solution and do any upgrades to the VPS plan as necessary. The operating system I chose was CentOS (that’s no surprise) doing a root LVM setup. That means that I did not use the provided distribution image, but did the installation myself. I will describe how I did this in a guide, as soon as I find the necessary free time to write it.

So, since I am configuring and fine-tuning the system, access to G-Loaded might occasionally not be possible until things are set up as I need them to be.

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George Notaras is the editor of the G-Loaded Journal, a technical blog about Free and Open-Source Software. George, among other things, is an enthusiast self-taught GNU/Linux system administrator. He has created this web site to share the IT knowledge and experience he has gained over the years with other people. George primarily uses CentOS and Fedora. He has also developed some open-source software projects in his spare time.