Another way to create a text file

You can create a multiline text file without using any text editor. This is done like this:

# cat > ~/test.txt <<EOF

~/test.txt is the file we want to create. Now you can type the contents line by line. When you are finished, type EOF:


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4 responses on “Another way to create a text file

  1. Yannick Permalink →

    I use:
    cat > test.txt
    next I type the contents line by line and hit CTRL+C when I finished typing..

    Seems to do the same thing but a bit easier :)

  2. George Notaras Post authorPermalink →

    Hi, Yannick. I just now noticed your comment. Was busy doing some things on the site…
    Thanks for this tip. Works just fine. An absolutely quicker way than the one I wrote about. :-)

  3. agorf Permalink →

    Ctrl+D is more appropriate since it stands for EOF (End Of File).

  4. George Notaras Post authorPermalink →

    Indeed, Ctrl-D is more appropriate and, apparently, the correct alternative choice to typing “EOF”.