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Smart Bookmarks in Epiphany

Smart Bookmarks is an extension for the Epiphany browser. Admitedly, its name or description in the browser extensions panel does not help the user understand what exactly it is about. What is a smart bookmark after all?

bbPress for WordPress

Some of you might have noticed that there have been some changes in the way readers can interact with g-loaded.eu over the last month. Comments and trackbacks are being disabled 20-30 days after the publication of a post, while a new facility, a discussion board, has been set up in order to compensate for the…

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Print a Man Page

Reading a man page using a terminal application is easy, but I doubt if it would ever win a convenience award. Sometimes, it is necessary to print the man page. I can recommend two ways of doing this.

.htaccess Cheat Sheet

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Apache is a very flexible web server implementation. The .htaccess files give the webmasters the ability to override the default server configuration on a per-directory basis, provided that httpd‘s configuration pernits the overrides of the htaccess file. I am aware that there are thousands of cheat sheets (aka ready-made recipes) out there, mostly implementing mod_rewrite…

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