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Caching Nameserver using dnsmasq


This tutorial contains information about the preparation of the system in order to run dnsmasq and also detailed instructions about how to configure it as a caching DNS server. A full configuration file is also provided as a drop-in replacement for the default dnsmasq.conf.

How to change the Timezone

Usually, the only time I make a change to the timezone setting of the operating system is during the installation time. But it may happen that a change to that setting is necessary. There are several ways to do this, but, as usual, there is only one Right Way™ to set the timezone info in…

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Introducing codeTRAX

A few months ago, I had decided to set up a separate website to host all the software projects, scripts, plugins, other bigger projects, that G-Loaded has released. Today, I announce the public availability of codeTRAX, a private, experimental project hosting service. CodeTRAX is work in progress. One of the major delays in the preparation…

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