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Using SSH for networking

This is mainly a note to myself about two patches, just in case I ever decide to use OpenSSH for networking, in addition to remote administration. First, is the cipler-none patch that adds none as a valid argument to the -c command line option. By using it, the transferred data is not encrypted. Pros: eliminates…

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Application Testing: Zero Free Space

No Comments

I should clarify from the beginning that this is not a technical article containing any kind of debugging information – I don’t have the knowledge anyway – or any other type of proof that indicates that some commonly used applications have bugs. This is just about some observations, or better an unofficial user report, of…

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Optimize and Compress CSS Files

Usually, when writing or modifying a CSS file, the author adds comments and excessive indentation to the code in order to preserve its readability and to simplify maintenance. Although this might be a good habit, all those extra bits stored into the CSS file increase its filesize, often resulting in unnecessary waste of bandwidth, especially…

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