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Awaiting CentOS 6

I feel that the long awaited CentOS 6 will be out soon. This is a very important release for all the things I am involved with and have to do with computers. CentOS 5 was perfect, but I had to maintain several custom builds of RPMs, mainly rebuilds of Fedora RPMs plus some private builds,…

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Mozilla Thunderbird 3 is out!

Mozilla has announced the general availability of version 3 of its popular open source email & newsgroup client, Thunderbird. Thunderbird has been my desktop email client of choice since its early stable releases, both in Linux and Windows. Actually, the only programs I’ve ever used for email and newsgroup management are Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird…

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Fedora Server Edition?

I don’t know if you have noticed it, but the Fedora download page includes the following: “Get Fedora 10 Desktop Edition Now“. Until Fedora 10, there was no “edition” statement. Fedora is a release aiming at desktop computers. Does this title mean that RedHat Inc and the Fedora community plan to release a separate edition…

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Next time, come prepared

I had no idea that at the time I was adding a mailing-list manager in the list of software that constitute the infrastructure of the CodeTRAX facility, I also added a factor that would cause serious delay in the preparation of the whole project. But, mailing lists are a mandatory feature of the facility’s notification…

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Play Ogg

G-loaded.eu supports the Play Ogg campaign, launched by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). It is good when an organization honors its role by launching useful campaigns. Read more about the OGG format.