My Music

Most people nowadays, including me, maintain MP3 collections. These collections may contain songs that have been ripped from CDs, LPs, cassettes (I’ve done it!) they or their friends own or that have been downloaded from the internet. During the last months, considering the constant growth of those MP3 collections and realizing that many of the…

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How to upgrade WP-Super-Cache

A while ago, I had published a step-by-step guide about how to install WP-Super-Cache in WordPress successfully. Now, I’m going through the upgrade procedure, so to safely and effortlessly upgrade the plugin whenever a new version is released. I know that documenting this sh** should not be needed, but it turns out the installation of…

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Xen DomU using dynamic IP and hostname

During the last months, I’ve been experimenting with Xen virtualization. An old computer, equipped with a Pentium III running at 700Mhz, 512MB of RAM and an 160GB IDE HDD runs four installations of my favorite Linux distribution, CentOS, one as a Dom0 and the other three as DomUs with 64MB of memory each.

Always use a block device label or its UUID in fstab

If there are still references to device nodes for block devices, as they are set by the kernel, for example /dev/hda, in /etc/fstab, you should seriously consider replacing them with the volume’s label or its UUID. Even if you use an LVM setup, the /boot partition shouldn’t be referenced by its device node.

Using the mod_dav_svn SVNParentPath directive with multiple authz files

I’ve been using the mod_dav_svn module for Apache, part of the subversion distribution package, in order to make several SVN repositories available over the HTTP protocol for quite some time now. More specifically, I use a multi-repository setup under the same virtualhost by using the SVNParentPath directive of mod_dav_svn. Also, the authorization policy is enforced…

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