TrueCrypt on 2.6.18 kernels

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It seems that there is a problem compiling the Linux version of Truecrypt v4.2a on the 2.6.18 series of kernels. A patch has been posted in the Truecrypt forums (you need to be logged-in to read), but, although this patch resolves the compilation error, there have been reports that the program has problems unmounting the…

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Fedora Core 6

The 6th version of Fedora Core was released a week ago. The huge demand had caused the fedora servers and mirrors to “melt” in the first days of the release. The Fedora Project pages, even the latest release notes, were unavailable, while all requests were redirected to a very plain front page which explained the…

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Training Videos

I was aware that a non-encrypted VNC session could be recorded and then reproduced, but I had never searched for utilities that could do that job. The recorded sessions can be perfectly used to show others how to accomplish a task and, generally, can serve as excellent training videos. There is a very good HOWTO…

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