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Redmine deployment delayed

I am afraid the deployment of Redmine on will be delayed some more. This is because I am skeptical about using mod_fcgid to run two different kinds of web applications on the same web server. This software is pretty much incomplete when it comes to defining classes of applications and setting limits, like the…

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Redmine is an open source, cross-platform and cross-database project management platform, written using the Ruby on Rails framework. After doing some testing in August 2009, I decided to switch to this platform on Redmine is so feature rich and well-designed that it is difficult to go unnoticed. Some of the features include:

How to upgrade WP-Super-Cache

A while ago, I had published a step-by-step guide about how to install WP-Super-Cache in WordPress successfully. Now, I’m going through the upgrade procedure, so to safely and effortlessly upgrade the plugin whenever a new version is released. I know that documenting this sh** should not be needed, but it turns out the installation of…

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