About The WordPress Plugins

I write this post as a reply to all those who have emailed me the last 2-3 months about the WordPress plugins that are available on this web site. I really appreciate your feedback. Many of your suggestions have been great, but there seem to be some problems, which I outline below:

More On cElementTree

These pages seem to have all the info someone would need in order to use the Python cElementTree module: The cElementTree Module ElementTree Overview From the benchmark results it is quite clear that this is the fastest XML data parser! PS: I haven’t managed yet to even test it by parsing my own RSS feed…

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Write A Man Page

Some links about how to write a man page: Writing man-pages THE LINUX MAN-PAGE-HOWTO Last, but not least: # man 7 groff_man This man page contains all the macros that can be used in a manual page.

Threads In Python

One of the best articles I have read so far about implementing threading support into Python scripts is one that was published over a year ago at the Linux Gazette. I found this document extremely informative and has helped me much: Krishna G Pai writes in his article: When programming, in any language, the capability…

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GUIs For Python Programs

Two months ago, I decided to start learning Python. Although I have spent a significant amount of time with it, I still discover very interesting things I would like to spend even more time with. Here are some links, which I believe could help someone to get started quickly with pyGTK and Glade: PyGTK 2.0…

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TV Grabbing On A Pentium 3

Lately, I have been revising a script I use for video grabbing from a bt878-based TV tuner card. What such a task requires is real CPU horsepower, but my desktop PC can only offer an old Pentium III 700MHz running at 933MHz. I decided to squeeze all the performance out of this overclocked processor in…

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