Linux Tips – Pack I

This is the introductory post of a series of postings, which will contain various tips about Linux. All these tips have been collected through the years from various sources on the internet and were kept in numerous text files in my home directory. Others are my own “discoveries”. Recently, I moved them to Tomboy, but…

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Filesystem Backup Again

Some months ago, I had written a guide about using PartImage to take snapshots of linux partitions either locally or remotely. Some readers had recommended some other tools, as you can see in the comments on that page, since the development of PartImage seems to have stopped (it still works ok for me though). Anyway,…

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Python Crash Course

If you intend to extend your programming skills by learning the Python programming language, apart from the absolutely perfect official tutorial by Guido van Rossum, consider reading Magnus Lie Hetland’s Instant Python crash course. It’ll help you get started in no time!

Awesome AWK Tutorial

My quest for the best AWK tutorial has reached an end. The Texas A&M University has set up a guide, small in size, but with content of high quality, which can help someone that knows the basics of programming to get started quickly. Of course, there are many other free online high quality guides, but…

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Track ’em Down!

I’ve been checking the web server logs lately seeking for a way to track down the remote hosts that regularly submit, or try to submit, spam comments massively. Grep-ing the logs is no fun at all, so I wrote a small BASH script to do the dirty work for me. Well, this one was written…

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Epiphany Browser Review

Today, while searching the web for any potential extra Epiphany plugins, I came accross a couple of blog posts, which, when combined together, they make a great review of my beloved web browser. Until today, I thought that falling upon Epiphany reviews was one of the rarest things to happen to me, so I decided…

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Fedora Core 5

Today I finally upgraded my main system to the latest Fedora release, Fedora Core 5, probably the best distribution on the planet at the time of writing. Actually, until now, I was using the development version of FC5 (aka Rawhide), last updated on the 25th of February, so the new features and improvements were well…

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